BB Golf & Partners is a company specialized in the execution of architecture projects of golf courses and direction of the construction process.

The projects and works carried out include all phases of the construction panorama in international environments.

BB Golf & Partners has experts in all the branches of the construction process: Architecture, Engineering, Earthworks, Irrigation, Management, Cost, Planning and Direction of Execution.

The design is a successful combination of the beauty, the technique, the program and the economy to obtain a unique product for the client.

BB Golf & Partners develops complete projects of architecture and engineering ranging from the initial definition of the program to the delivery of the complete work to the client.

BB Golf & Partners works with the representative of the properties, architects, engineers, techniques and public entities.

Our goal is to ensure the complete success of the projects accomplishing the requests and expectancies of our clients.


BB Golf & Partners has born in 1999 as a continuation of the professional work of Pepe Gancedo and Juan Luis Boada, initiated in 1962.

With more than 50 works performed worldwide our courses have been chosen repeatedly to play different tournaments of the most important world professional tours. Several of our designs are included in prestigious publications of the bestworld golf courses.


The design philosophy of BB Golf designs lends itself extremely well to a wide variety of golfers with varying levels of ability the job of the designer is to provide a challenge to advanced players without creating so much frustration that higher handicap players leave the game of golf or migrate to a less difficult course.

The majority of golfers are out to enjoy a game of golf with a companion in a pleasant setting. Our company pays attention to the varying ability levels of golfers and uses design techniques to satisfy all players.

In designing a golf course, we embraces the natural and historical surroundings of the site and takes advantage of every opportunity each site offers.Our goal is increase the natural beauty of the site. Each golf course is custom designed based on the stated desire of the client.

In some cases, the client wants the most challenging course possible. However, most want a course that is enjoyable for all levels of players. Following are the basic elements of a BB Golf design that will help create a course that meets the needs of all classes of golfers.